Meet DeckAssistant

An AI Assistant for Stream Deck with a better ChatGPT

macOS 11+ Intel and Apple Silicon

A.I. at your fingertips. Literally.

Press a button and have our AI process the text you've selected. In any application. Or press a button and bring up a freeform prompt to talk to our AI directly.

ChatGPT, but better.

Start your conversation through our Stream Deck plugin, and continue the conversation online with a better ChatGPT interface.

🗂️ Folders to organize chats. 🗣️ Custom prompts. ✍️ Message editing. 💾 Export data. 📋 History search. ⭐️ Favorites. 📷 Export screenshots of chats. 🏫 Prompt library. ↗️ Share charts. 🔎 Google. 🧑‍🎨 Generate stunning images. And more!

Select any text

Are you tired of copy-pasting text into ChatGPT? Select any text in any application and press a button. Done.

Any Prompt

DeckAssistant includes example prompts, but you can set any prompt. Any.


Just want to ask the AI a question? Hit the freeform prompt button and type away.

Getting Started

  1. Create an account
  2. Copy the API token from your dashboard
  3. Install the Stream Deck plugin
  4. Add a button and paste the API token
  5. Press to see the magic 🪄

Example: Correct Spelling & Grammar

Prompt Configuration

Add a prompt button, give it a title so you know what it does, change the icon to reflect the prompt, and either type in your prompt yourself or select one of the many examples!

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